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Members of the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers trace their ancestry to the pioneers who settled in the Minnesota Territory before the state of Minnesota was admitted to the union in 1858.  The organization seeks to preserve pioneer heritage and encourage the study of Minnesota's history through organizational activities and community outreach.  MTP was founded in 1897 and celebrates its 111th anniversary in 2008.


The Minnesota Territory included parts of the original Northwest Territory (1783), Louisiana Purchase (1803) and lands along the Red River of the North ceded to the US by the Anglo-American Convention of 1818.  Along with the state of Minnesota, portions of the states of North and South Dakota were part of the Minnesota Territory.


If your ancestors were among those who called the territory home before Minnesota became a state, celebrate your heritage - become a member of the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers!

2014 St Paul Winter Carnival Royal Guards
MTP President Alex Casebolt (3rd from the right) was chosen as one of the Royal Guards for the
2014 St. Paul Winter Carnival    more pictures

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